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competitiveChemia helps you protect your intellectual property and comply with strict regulations of the industry. It supports your scientists in providing, evidence of reliable and authentic data and allows you to extend your research into development without any worries. Chemia helps you remain competitive in today's business environment by speeding up processes of searching in previous research and sharing information. Hence, Chemia significantly saves time and with its attractive pricing ,it guarantees you a quick return on investment.

organize-dataA large share of information generated in the process of experimental research is buried in the traditional paper laboratory notebooks and private computer files where researchers usually record their experiments. The analysis of this information becomes very difficult because it is spread across countless repositories that are often not very well organized. So, it is very difficult to know what direction of research is the most effective, as work gets duplicated and the same mistakes are repeated several times. Chemia ELN allows you to improve this by allowing you to organize your research notes by attaching labels to parts of the notes, e.g., Project X, Note Y, Experiment Z. These labels then make the notes clearer for others and also greatly improve management and retrieval of the information.

  • Helps you go to market fast
  • Ensures high quality documentation
  • Allow faster completion of R&D projects
  • Superior team moral with modern systems
  • Chemia gives unbeatable ROI year on year
  • Eliminates huge paper storage requirement
  • Significant productivity improvement by cloning

Chemia gives a scientist several benefits like efficient and accurate documentation, quick information access and advanced Intellectual Property protection. Therefore, work-flow-specific productivity improves exponentially after shifting to from paper bound techniques. The scientists can efficiently coordinate work flows and exchange information across several scientific disciplines.

For example, within the ELN a chemist can assign some tasks to the other scientist. The scientist completes the task using discipline specific templates after receiving the request. The results are returned to the chemist as the task is completed. All these activities shall occur within one shared ELN application. All the information is centrally captured, therefore it is easy to collect and combine necessary information for project reviews and regulatory compliance and most importantly to collaborate effectively beyond the boundaries of different scientific domains.

store-dataSecurely store your valuable research data for the future

Storage of data in hard-bound copies of research notebooks takes up a lot more space than storing it in electronic format. A pile of 3 to 4 hard copy lab notebooks easily covers the space of 4 separate hard discs that can contain at least 1 or 2 Terabyte of notes, graphs, chemical drawings and presentations. Furthermore, electronic data storage facilitates archiving and duplication of valuable research data to avoid losses as a result of any disasters.

Chemia supports almost all current file formats and uses HTML and XML to ensure that research data is usable over a long period of time, without locking you into any proprietary format.

manage-dataManaging data more efficiently with Chemia

Probably one of the most challenging aspects of modern life is the amounts of data we gather, process and store. Research companies employ more scientists than ever before and the amounts of data that they handle has exponentially grown. Research companies face a number of challenges in preserving and reusing this data. Paper notes are not easily reproducible to multiple locations, searching in previous research and notes is often difficult and sharing the knowledge gathered through so much information has become virtually important.

Moving to a paperless lab with Chemia, on the other hand will take away some of these worries and allows your organization to become much more efficient.

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